dinsdag 27 juli 2010


Once in a while I get  nostalgic
..I imagine myself in the past and visit the house where my grandmother was born. My grandmother and the house no longer are there, but memories of the past are..

zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Epen Limburg

Marijke and I walked a lot of miles in the four days we were in the beautiful southern part of The Netherlands called Limburg.Posted by Picasa

woensdag 7 juli 2010

Verhaaltje voor het slapen gaan.

Bedtime story for  little Tom who is still wide awake after a day of playing. Tommie was made by Angelique Hoekstra and dressed by me .He is clean and snug in his bed made by Jan, based on a design in the magazine Poppenhuizen en Miniaturen. The quilt was  made by friend Danielle. I made the pillow and the sheet from and old hankie wich I found at Joana`s table in Madrid.

dinsdag 6 juli 2010

Ootjepetootjes life

Ootjes life consists mainly of eating, sunbathing, purring, sleeping, running, fighting with Gloomy, looking innocent , making a mess of the plants, and growing! He has long legs and big feet! Can you see the letter O on his side (both sides), thats why we called him Ootje=little O.

maandag 5 juli 2010


Not quite finished,
just wanted to show what I am working on at the moment.

Paleis Het Loo

Saturday we visited the Loo.. http://www.paleishetloo.nl/ A beautiful palace used for centuries by dutch royalty as their summer residence. There was a small fair for large dolls, bears and miniatures. The garden is lovely with lots of water features..
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