zondag 28 november 2010

Working on the shop.

Today I did some work on the shop I bought from Bob Willians from Tollgate Miniatures. At the time I bought it, for some reason it didn`t seem practical to have two floors: a shop with living quarters upstairs.
After looking at it for some months, I thought it would be very nice to have someone living upstairs...grr,sigh.
Eventually it should look like this..That means building a small appartment on top of the shop..I love to build, but I am lousy at it..
I (Jan) took the front of, so it is easier to work on the inside. What Jan and I did so far: make two extra windows in the side-walls, make a big hole in the back-wall to take the transformer. As the transformer plugs directly in an electric point, it really should`nt have to be this big..I made a staircase that goes to the roof-terrace for now. Under the staircase there is a little cellar with a little lamp and a little door..wich Jan made. The story behind this 18th century shop is that it is run by La Belle Brigante, a famous highwaywoman, who stole from the rich and gave food and money to the poor people. 
Other highwaymen and women followed her example.
And no-one in search for food or shelter was turned away from the little green door.
Today I glued stone-paper to one of the outside walls, and painted one window
as a test for the color. The color is Hound Lemon. It is not very visible in the picture, but I like it. 

Tommie and Robbie

These two little boys like to dress up: Tommie as a pirate, and Robbie as his hero: Robin Hood!

woensdag 10 november 2010

Traveling to Madrid

 This gentleman in white silk is almost ready to travel to Madrid, he is a resin doll made by Sherri Colvin . Dressed and wigged by me, I only forgot a feather on his tricorne..His servant is a porcelain doll by Sylvia Mobley, I made him a straw tricorne. The travel basket is made by Will Werson
Now there is a feather on his hat, better I think!