woensdag 22 september 2010

Welcome by Albert

Today I let Albert say a welcome to my new followers. Albert is poured and painted by Michelle Mahler from Doll Artist`s Workshop and dressed and wigged by me.
First I must apologize to Berri! I didn`t mention you in my last Welcome and I am sorry about that..
Also I wanted to thank all of you for leaving very very kind, and inspiring comments: THANK YOU
OK, Albert, your turn.
"Well, I would like to say I look so much better than in this picture, I have beautiful green eyes and dark hair and..." Albert! you are supposed to say Welcome! " Ah...forgive me, I wish a very warm welcome to:
Margaret, Pedrete, Maria, Daydreamer, Ron, Ivana Noelia, Lara, Ayano, Rosella, Ana, Pittussia, Cindy, Terry, Arantxa, Lainie, Lotte, Chris, Klara, Susy, Michelle, Monika, Jean, and Roberto!"
Albert, that was great, let me kiss you.
"If you have to, but please don`t mess up my hair, dear."

maandag 6 september 2010

Computer is back.

My computer is in repair for I dont know how long!!

Well, that was`nt very long. My laptop is back. And it is working great again with a new hard-disc!
 I will be enjoying myself  catching up on new followers and new posts!

Also there is a small dollshouse fair in Wormerveer tomorrow 11 september at the Mini-Wonders shop.
Have a nice weekend!