zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

What shall I wear today?

This lady poured and painted by Gina Bellous,   
   can`t decide what to wear. She tries on a new hat and asks her husband what he thinks. "Darling" he says, ''you look beautiful".
mmmm,thank you dear, but what about the colour? It makes me look a little pale, don`t you think."Pale? prrfst, ehh, well, maybe a littlebit?" I`ll try my purple hat... 

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Welcome new followers and hello, new gentleman.

First of all a very big Welcome to Mary Williams, I`m afraid I didn`t mention you in earlier welcome messages!
And a warm welcome to all new followers, come in and sit by the fire, Megan Douglas, K.Vinkes, Gema Minayo, Maite, GShoney, Natalia,  Bogna, EVminiatures,  Macrupe, Kicki,
Mirel Korhonen.

Outside it is cold, it is raining, the wind is stormy. I decided to dress this new gentleman in a nice warm smokingjacket. He is poured and painted bij Sylvia Mobley and dressed and wigged by me.

woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Lady and her owl.

This lady and her pet-owl have a mystical bond.The lady is a doll by Theresa Glisson, dressed and wigged by me. The white owl is made by Irmi  from Miniarche. In the background you see my miniature interpretation of Robin Hood, his (working) longbow is made by Niko Macura.

Beurs Rijswijk

Zaterdag 9 en zondag 10 oktober staan we op de Poppenhuizen, Poppen en Miniaturenbeurs in Rijswijk.
Het standnummer van La Belle Brigante is nr: 468.