zondag 4 september 2016

I dressed Catootje in pink silk and flowery cottton. Her teenage room is rather messy with a collection of dolls, books, clothing etc.
For the dollshouse magazine Poppenhuizen en Miniaturen I made a little room in a sturdy gift box from Fortnum and Mason .I made a window in the bottom that became the rear wall, painted the ceiling and sidewalls, glued wallpaper to the wall and wooden parquet on the floor. Made the furniture from cardboard kits by Melissa Sipma,  painting it gold and added padding.
Catootje was born in 1736 as Catharina Boreel in The Netherlands. She spent the summer with her family on Beeckestijn .When she was sixteen she fell in love with her brothers teacher: Claude Salgas, but her parents did not approve. She had to marry Jan Bernt Bicker. When Jan Bernt dies,  Catootje is a fairly young widow. Claude has never forgotten Catootje and is now free to marry his first great love.
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