zondag 28 november 2010

Working on the shop.

Today I did some work on the shop I bought from Bob Willians from Tollgate Miniatures. At the time I bought it, for some reason it didn`t seem practical to have two floors: a shop with living quarters upstairs.
After looking at it for some months, I thought it would be very nice to have someone living upstairs...grr,sigh.
Eventually it should look like this..That means building a small appartment on top of the shop..I love to build, but I am lousy at it..
I (Jan) took the front of, so it is easier to work on the inside. What Jan and I did so far: make two extra windows in the side-walls, make a big hole in the back-wall to take the transformer. As the transformer plugs directly in an electric point, it really should`nt have to be this big..I made a staircase that goes to the roof-terrace for now. Under the staircase there is a little cellar with a little lamp and a little door..wich Jan made. The story behind this 18th century shop is that it is run by La Belle Brigante, a famous highwaywoman, who stole from the rich and gave food and money to the poor people. 
Other highwaymen and women followed her example.
And no-one in search for food or shelter was turned away from the little green door.
Today I glued stone-paper to one of the outside walls, and painted one window
as a test for the color. The color is Hound Lemon. It is not very visible in the picture, but I like it. 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat leuk Margot, je bent al goed op weg. Ben benieuwd hoe het zal worden...
    Ik heb hetzelfde winkeltje al een paar jaar en weet nog steeds niet wat ik ervan zal maken. Maar het idee om er een verdieping op te maken spreekt me wel aan.
    Succes verder

    groet Heleni

  2. Margot está siendo un trabajo muy bien pensado desde el principio. Has pensado en el transformador y eso es muy importante.
    Me encanta la distribución que estas haciendo.
    Besos Clara

  3. Ik ben ook benieuwd hoe het zal worden Heleni!!
    Mijn hoofd zit vol ideeen..

    Muchas Gracias Clara!

  4. It is a beautiful shop and I like what you have done so far. :)