donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Little bed

This is the little bed almost finished. If I change anything it will be small things. First I will start on something new and then  look at the little bed again. Hopping back and forth between projects is what I like best, but also sometimes drives me crazy when nothing seems finished...

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Is so beautiful and elegant, congrats!!

  2. Telkens weer zo trots op je hoe mooi je het maakt!

  3. Ha Margot,
    Jeetje, geweldig! De franse elegantie straalt er vanaf.

  4. I love your work Margot and will totally enjoy following your blog. Your costuming of the dolls is excellent, not sure if you make any of the dolls? Find the photos of your cats' exploits so amusing too!

  5. Te ha quedado preciosa y muy elegante.
    Besitos, May

  6. Thank you all for your nice comments!

    The little girl doll in the bed is made by Angelique Hoekstra and dressed by me, the little toy-dolls I made from matches, the larger kind than usual.
    For doll-dressing I use all kinds of doll-kits.

  7. ¡Está genial! No le falta nada.
    Besos Clara.

  8. Beautiful little bed! It seems to be very comfortable - lucky doll :)
    All details - hat, portrait in gold frame, cushions - are lovely!

  9. Dank je wel, Gracias, Thank you:
    for all your great comments, I appreciate it and it motivates me! Have a nice sunday!

  10. Preciosa escena. Me encanta. No le falta ningun detalle.

  11. hoihoi
    mooie dingen maak je!!
    ik ben helemaal niet thuis in miniaturen maken..hoe doe je dat?
    bv dit bed met gordijnen..bednk je dat zelf of zijn er pakketten voor?
    gr marijke