dinsdag 7 december 2010

Some more work on the shop.

Yesterday was a day of demolition and also progress,
there was a nail sticking out of the bottom of the shop, I allready cut it once, but it still made scratches whenever I turned the shop. I had to make a deep hole to get it out. Also I made the hole in the backwall bigger. In this picture you see a small sidewall with a small bookcase, I realised I could not reach the bookcase from the back, so I made the hole under the staircase bigger, in this picture it is still not big enough.
In this picture you see the little bookcase through the window,
There need to be more books in it, but a tiny space will be left open, so it is possible to look through...
The window in the left wall now has mouldings, I am working on a simple roman blind for it.

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