vrijdag 18 februari 2011


When I was dressing these dolls they made me think of my mother and father who went on their honeymoon on a bicycle. So I bought a bicycle in the Fair Trade shop, Jan painted it black and lowered the saddle ( actually he made a new leather saddle!) and the handlebars. My father was tall and had red hair and my mother was dark and petit. So the dolls look a littlebit like them...
I dressed Errol, by Sylvia Mobley, in jodhpur`s and a "tweed" jacket. The lady was made by Miep Otzen, a Dutch doll-artist. Miep now no longer makes dolls, and moved to lovely France
I dressed the lady in a "tweed" suit with bloomers, very convinient for riding a bicycle!
The background is the actual map my parents used in october 1942 of the area around Vorden in Holland.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Margot, The dolls are so wonderful! I really love the fabrics that you have used for his jacket and for the lady's out fit!! They are so perfect! What a sweet tribute to your parents!!

  2. What a great idea! The dolls look beautiful and you have dressed them so nicely. I love the scene you made.

  3. Je hebt de poppen fantastisch aan gekleed Margot. Wat een leuk verhaaltje van je ouders...en Vorden...ligt vlakbij waar ik woon.

    groet Heleni

  4. Parecen muy amorosos!!!
    very nice and appropriate dressed!!

  5. This is a beautiful scene, very romantic! is right, for the period of Valentine's Day! congratulations!
    Caterina, from Italy

  6. Margot, your dolls are truly LOVELY! What a great story about your parents! Your costumes are gorgeous and SO right for the couple! You make the most amazing characters!

  7. These dolls are so lovely and your clothes and the setting are perfect! You are very talented. :) I like the look on your 'mother's' face - as if she has been kissed when she wasn't expecting it.