dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Back from Germany

This weekend we were at the 1:12 Show in Rheda-Wiedenbruck. We had a great time in Germany. We met lovely people, saw some beautiful miniatures, bought some miniatures...
The footmen by Sylvia Mobley and dressed by me in light blue silk, decided to quit their job and stay behind...they were muttering about how this is the 21th century, and I made them work too long and too hard..
This lady by Theresa Glisson asked me to dress her in a bright color so the young handsome footman would notice her. She was heartbroken when the handsome young footman decided not to come home with us...

I also wanted to welcome new followers in this post, but Blogger is not showing my followers for two days now. Also I can`t see followers on other Blogs, and I am having trouble leaving comments.
I do hope this problem will be solved tomorrow, when I do the draw for my GiveAway!!!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. ¡¡Un trabajo sobervio, Margot!! El vestuario impecable, y los muñecos una preciosidad!! Un besazo enorme y enhorabuena!!

  2. Oh yes, your giveaway! We are waiting with anticipation! :-)

  3. Preciosos personajes. nos encanta el traje de la chica ,esta Impresionante, hacen un conjunto maravilloso.

  4. The dolls are beautiful with their well made clothes!

  5. unos personajes maravillosos, con unos trajes impecables y muy elegantes
    besos, Xisca

  6. hi all,
    Sylvia Mobley made the dolls, she just started a Blog on http://sylviamobley.blogspot.com/
    x Margot

  7. Du hast sehr gut eingekauft. Die Puppen sind ganz toll. Die Bekleidung ist sehr geschmackvoll. Liebe Grüße Craftland