zaterdag 11 mei 2013


It is time for an update, it is far too long since I posted!

There are four new followers:  a warm Welcome to David Edwards , Las miniaturas y el vintage, Noelle de Terwangne and Yolanda Moran.

I have been playing with my new tiny kiln , trying to make my own dolls, but the results are not very professional ! It certainly is a learning proces. I expected  anything could go wrong: the pouring of the liquid porcelain, the cleaning of the greenware, the painting of the doll parts, the temperature of the kiln, and evereything did go wrong and 90 % of the dollparts ended up in the bin.. A lot of puzzles and questions. I am glad there is a lot of information to be found on the internet, and a lot of helpfull professional generous dollmakers who want share their knowledge.  At the moment I am dressing my first lady doll, she is far from perfect, but I like her.
The face and arms mold I have is Belle from Stacy Hofmann and a legs mold from Dawn Adams:
buttoned boots with a heel.Not suitable for a lady in 18th century style dress. So I scraped of the boots in the Greenware stage, before it is cured in the kiln, when the porcelain is not really dry. And added white stockings and silk shoes with silk bows.

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  1. Grappige foto van al die onderbenen op een rijtje :) De schoenen zijn fantastisch om te zien.

    Groetjes Xandra

  2. Hello Margot,
    Those pictures are lovely...such great and delicate work.